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Site Finance Controller

, as described in the JD (see attachment).

The SFC Dresden/Berlin is in charge for the Reporting Unit AFD hosting:

Grid AC substation business for the destination


, dedicated export projects and Grid projects in the wind industry

Power electronics business Berlin

Volumes: ~ 150 M€ sales and ~200 employees (mostly engineers) in




Regional organisation and balancing unit


(~80 employees)

The SFC is supported by a team of management and project controllers (~15 HC).

Candidates should have deep skills and knowledge of project oriented business.

Depending on the skills and experience of the candidate the position can be double hatted with the regional tender controller position (as it is currently the case).

Job Title: "Site Financial Controller

210.348.220 Plant Controller" Job Family : Finance

Hierarchical reporting: VP Finance Region

Functional reporting: UMD


Mission: Plan, control and analyze the Unit’s financial results within prevailing legislation and Alstom guidelines and policies, with the objective to support decision making as far as Unit’s growth and profit targets are concerned.

1 "Financial Standards & Processes:
Define financial standards & processes at Unit level and implement those of Division/BU. Provide information to the Management Team for the financial control of the Unit."

2 "Financial Data:
Prepare, produce, analyse, coordinate, follow-up the Unit financial data, do the reporting and make recommendations in order to assist the Management Team in making decisions."

3 "Budget and Business Planning:
Analyse, prepare, advise, define with the Unit Mgt Team the Unit Budget and Business Plan and follow them up, in order to optimize the financial results of the Unit."

4 "Risk Management/ Internal Control:
Advise and execute the management of risks in order to protect the Unit from financial risk exposure whilst managing business opportunities.

Ensure proper monitoring of internal control."

5 "Fiscal, Legal Compliance:
Ensure compliance to fiscal and reporting legislation at Unit level in order to minimize any potential related liabilities."

6 "Cash & ROCE Management:
Ensure cash management in order to maximize the Unit’s cash contribution to ALSTOM.

Review of suppliers and customers payment terms, overdue process implementation, inventory monitoring.

Ensure ROCE optimization."

7 "Team Management:
Hire, train, motivate and evaluate the people in the Team in order to provide the Unit with the needed financial competencies and performance."

1 "Quality of cost control

Audit results

Respect of BU / Division Standards & Processes Effectiveness of segregation of duty"

2 "Quality of information

Customer satisfaction

Reactivity (when providing with data)"

3 "Reliability of data produced

Quality of analysis and advise

Customer satisfaction

Actual vs. Budget"

4 "Risk and fraud exposure level

Action plan completion

Quality of advise and involvement of Mgt Team in internal Control improvement"

5 "Legal compliance

Audit results"

6 "Actual vs. budget

Overdue level

OWC days of sales

ROCE level"

7 "People performance

Team spirit / climate


Annual appraisal and development plan follow-ups"

Education & Experience

University Degree in Finance / Business Management (Business School for example) 5 years of professional experience (including 2 years in a Management Position)

Knowledge / Domain Degree of Knowledge

English / Broad

Finance IT tools / Complex

Good general understanding of domestic process and national, international business implications / Complex

Good knowledge of all internal processes and procedures / Broad

Main Interlocutors

Outside of the company


External audit / Explain / Convergent

Government bodies / Inform / Convergent

Inland Revenue / Inform / Convergent

Inside the company


UMD / Explain / Convergent

Unit Management Committee / Explain / Divergent

Corporate/Division/BU/ITR Country Finance Teams / Inform / Convergent

Internal Audit & Control / Explain / Convergent

Work situations that require creativity/problem solving :
Financial Standards, Data & Processes √

Budget and Business Planning √

Risk Management/ Internal Control √

Fiscal, Legal Compliance √

Cash & ROCE Management √


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