The Abellio Family

Who are Abellio?

As a leading operator of rail and bus services with over 175 years of experience, Abellio is responsible for hundreds of thousands of services every day across the UK, with our approach to innovation and industry partnerships helping to shape transport across the country. We are currently overseeing a £3bn investment into new trains, proving that we’re absolutely committed to making journeys easier for all of our passengers every day, and delivering progress and prosperity in the UK for years to come.

Where would you find Abellio?

Abellio UK has been providing easier journeys for our customers for more than a decade, and will continue to be a force for progress and prosperity in the UK, bringing innovation and investment to our communities.
Almost 14,400 Abellio people provide safe, easy and reliable public transport for almost 900,000 customers across the country, operating around 6000 train services every single day.In the UK we operate buses through Abellio London Bus, as well as train services for ScotRail, Scotland's national railway, Greater Anglia in a joint venture with Mitsui, Merseyrail in a joint venture with Serco and West Midlands Trains in a joint venture with Mitsui and JR East.

Our Plan

Abellio is driven by our customers – to deliver efficient, high quality and innovative services for them. We are an established, respected and forward-thinking group with a vision to drive progress and prosperity in communities and regions in the UK.

Investing in the UK to deliver easier journeys

We want to continue to deliver world-class services for passengers and improve the quality of life in the communities where they live and where we serve.

We are overseeing a once-in-a-generation £3bn investment in new trains across all our franchises which will transform the UK railway for the long-term good, delivering more seats and faster journey times. This investment will add more than 200,000 seats to the UK rail network, providing much needed additional capacity to meet growing demand and improve connectivity across the country.

Making progress for our customers every day

Abellio’s UK vision is to always go beyond the A to B, to always look at things from the perspective of customers and focus on what we can improve for them.

We know our customers have choices and that their expectations of convenience and ease rise daily. That’s why we think beyond the train or bus and consider the full customer journey from door to door, delivering ways to make trips to and from stations easy and comfortable, as part of a seamless experience.
We want to create easier journeys for our customers every day.

Passionate about helping the UK prosper

We believe in delivering public transport services that create economic and social prosperity – connecting people to jobs, services, experiences and each other and creating a more sustainable future for all.

Our Way

We have developed a leadership framework that sets out the core capabilities and behaviours we want to see throughout our business, and particularly amongst our top teams.

This framework informs our recruitment, learning and development, performance management, talent management, and succession planning. It helps us make sure that the people running our businesses embody our values, and that our customers and the services they depend on are in safe hands.

There are six core leadership qualities that we expect to see in a leader at Abellio UK:

• Achiever
• Inspirational
• Commercial
• Strategic
• Trusted
• Collaborative

Abellio Profil

Shared Service Centre

The Shared Service Centre was established in April 2015 with 4 functional areas, set up to support our Operating Companies. We aim to add value by driving productivity, capacity and improvements through our people- by recruiting dynamic staff to drive diversity, efficiency and strategy.

Our Vision

Working in coordination
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