Karriere und Anstellung bei Autogrill Deutschland GmbH

Wie ist es, bei Autogrill Deutschland GmbH zu arbeiten?

Verfasst von Kellner (ehemalige/r Mitarbeiter/in) aus Frankfurt am Main am 24. April 2019
The work is a little rough, but necessary. I have learned how to deal with many situations like product stock and order. Learned to use most of Airoport's navigation systems. The workplace was a little messy and there ppl from nearly everywhere in the world with different etnies, ages and races.
The job isn't to difficult, but it can become a drag - mehr... when you are new to the place and ppl have their "own management plans" and you are ordered around without much option to debate anything.
The best about this job was definitely the payment and travel expenses all covered up! - Weniger
VorteileMoney and Travel Expenses are payed well!
NachteileDesastrous Working Schedule Planning
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