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Very Rewarding workplace

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I really enjoyed working there if I had the chance to work there again I would, this time things would be different because i wont have the same problems at home. All the children there need help and it was amazing seeing them smile when you where able to help them.


Very rewarding


I had none
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Everything was good

Great to work at the Double trees Hotel was really a wonderful time working and be part of Hilton company I will like I the Future work one more time at the Hilton Family




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Work was like a beach , fun, relaxed, respectable co worker , the pay was great. I learned how to work every position from hostess, server, bartender etc..
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High Turnover of Staff

Avoid this school at all costs! The excessive number of staff turnover means that there is never a consistency in the care and support provided to the children, They will try to withhold payment - indeed I am still waiting for payment from last June


Hours can be great to fit around ones own family


Far too many to list
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