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Corporate mentality. All about the Money

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Initially there was an achievable bonus system. Then over time they constantly raised the bar to an unrealistic goal. Upper Management pushed policies that only reflected the bottom line.


The Learning Provided


Management Policies, Hours of Operation
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Satisfactory Job but inadequate pay and benefits

Lots of nepotism in the company which makes it difficult to advance in your career unless you know the right people. For such a large and successful company, they are below average with their pay and benefits. They do not give any sick days or personal days, no company match on your 401K and PTO maxes out at 3 weeks even if you have been there for 15+ years. Management continually tells you that you are very well paid and should be grateful for what you earn, in an effort to avoid having to increase your pay to the fair market rate. Many of the positions pay well below the fair market rate for the area. The compensation model they use for fair market value has not been updated for 3-4+ years. They are the biggest dental corporation around and continue to grow, so you will have good job security. However, expect to be continually pressured to increase revenues to make more money for the company, but not to increase your own pay, work life balance or benefits. For a billion dollar company, their benefits are well below average compared to other large corporations and this leads to feeling a lack of appreciation from your employer.
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the pay is too low

the pay is too low. the CE cources are great though. Take adv of that. Too many channels to go through to get stuff done though. They do pay for your travel.
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Don't recommend this company to anyone.

They will use you till you can't take anymore then kick you to the curb. one of the worst places I have worked. The work environment as a whole was very toxic.
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Disconnected management, false promises of “advanced, new working equipment”, money hungry, overworking clinical staff with front desk Duties

Management turns a blind eye to obvious frustrations within offices. If you are looking to join corporate for a responsive upper management/HR department, this is NOT it. In offices that push $$$ and are profitable in the millions (yes, per year), it is a fight to get basic PPE and working equipment. Doctors are allowed to run the practice without bounds as if it were their own except with no responsibility to the business so the staff is ultimately who suffers when upper management continuously turns a blind eye. Clinical staff is overworked and expected to not only do clinical duties, but also do front desk duties like go over treatment plans and schedule patients (because the front desk is always “busy” even though they’re on the cell phones in every office I’ve been in). Also expected to clean the office along with all other clinical duties and admin duties. For such big offices, shouldn’t there be help cleaning? Too many expectations for one position because other positions refuse to do their work efficiently.
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Mostly good

This was a pretty decent place to the work. The training takes a long time but once you get past that you will do fine. They are very supportive with the different positions
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It’s just another corporate dental company. Expect to be given high expectations and minimum training. A Stressful and fast paced environment is the norm.
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It is what you make of it.

It's like most dental office, private owned, or corporate. It is what you make of it, there is opportunity for growth if you work hard and don't rock the boat.
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I wouldn’t recommend this job for anyone! From the moment I started there I never felt like I belonged and they only care about money they don’t care about how they treat you. It seems like they are always hiring for an assistant because they can’t keep anyone. I’m not gonna blame the whole heartland company for this office terrible work ethic but it makes them look bad
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Only for tough skin

The job details were already in black and white so I knew it was gonna be busy and stressful at times. What job isn't? Upfront I asked for top dollar and I got it. I asked for a very peculiar schedule, and I got it. So the work drama was a plus for me. It kept me awake and energized. PMOs arguing with the doctors, Hygienist telling the Patient coordinator how to schedule, assistants being secluded cool kids and only speaking to Insurance coordinators was like a TV show. I did learn new things in regular office meetings and them long team meetings, even though most times it was like an episode of love and hip hop reunion. Lol. I asked for high pay because you ain't getting no raise EVER


Higher pay, set schedule, excitement


Unwanted drama, pointless office meetings.
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There is absolutely no support from management. PMO push work off on BA's while they conference all day about their book clubs. They expect a lot but dont do a lot and require a ridiculous amount of modules to be done that are completely pointless and unimportant to anything happening in the office. If you wanna be stressed 100% of the time than this is your place. I would suggest not wasting your time dental field is too big to waste any of your time with this company.
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Ok job

The job was very stress inducing. Management structure lacks and wages are unrealistic for the amount of work that is required. The company has good benefits and offers free dental care.
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Great place to work

I look forward to going to the office every day. It's challenging work, and there is a great and supportive management staff ready to assist any time I feel I need it.
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Great place to work!

I love working for a Heartland office. Of course, every office is different, however, the one I work for is great! Both doctors are great to work for and the PMO is awesome! There is a great opportunity to get all of your CEU's for free. Competitive pay and benefits. Our office has great team work and we work together so that each department can reach our monthly goals.
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Not accepting of disabilities, or personality differences.

This company basically teaches you how to categorize patients personality and how to "communicate" with them based on their personality type label. However if you are not a bubbling ray of sunshine that spews smiles and rainbows then you have an attitude problem. It's hard caring about the general well being of others as well as showing up with your own disabilities and constantly being scrutinized because you arent an easily excitable personality. Really a mental jab being told you are great at your job and with patients but if you aren't blindly drinking the Koolaid and keeping your mouth shut you are a problem. 2nd time I've been employed by HD, was hoping another office was different, but HDs claws are in deep regardless. Money money money, herd herd herd. People are not cookie cutter, you can not cram someone's needs in a tiny time slot and be able to care for them properly. The poor hygienist are under crazy time restraints as well. Literally all day long is a sprint. Makes you not care anymore. Sad. Currently seeking employment completely away from health or medical.
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Dentists ask questions and check other opportunities first

Dentist contract terms can be restrictive, earning "bonuses" depending on office are difficult, and starting guarantee even for experienced dentists is generally low.Not having a 401k match is pretty unusual for employees, even in the DSO industry. That is definitely a huge shortcoming of benefits. Typical day can either be busy or slow depending on the office location. The workplace culture is OK, but hard to find unbiased folks in management. CE would be decent for a newer dentist, on its own though not something major.
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Great company culture and work life balance

Great company culture and work life balance. Compensation may not be as competitive as others. Generally the base pay is what you can expect going in as a new dentist. Great CE and room to learn and grow
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All about using you

This company does not care about their people work you to death low pay higher people in higher pay than you less experience No balance with work home
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Review Rivercrest Commons family Dental

I never felt more humiliated and belittled , til working at this office . I never cried leaving home from a office so much because the doctors feel that everything you do isn’t good enough to their liking , instead of teaching you their way , they criticize you for not knowing and blame the office for being to busy for not showing us their way , DAs there will switch you out of TX just for the doctors liking , the favoritism is top tier at RiverCrest . If they do not like you the doctors will make sure you feel that and start pushing you out the office . if you are a NEW DA straight out of school , this office is not for you . It is a sink or swim office and they make sure you sink if you can’t swim , they have no proper training and just throw you out on the floor . DAs and hygienist complain about everything that happens there from trays being flipped wrong in the lab til complaining how things are packed in the autoclave and run to the manager for everything . it’s giving high school Atmosphere .




the whole office
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The growth opportunities are endless

Heartland not only is willing to train new grads but they encourage growth. They strive to educate and build you up so that you can reach your full potential. Love a company that strives on tried and true systems.
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good place for new graduates

tons of training opportunities including molar endo, invisalign, extractions. can be stressful depending on your offices, and your personal goal. has great potential to earn more.
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