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Guter Arbeitsplatz für junge Menschen chronisch unterbesetzte Abteilungen
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Management is terrible

The mangers make you do all the work and don’t even actually train you. They also get very upset if you make a mistake, but then again they don’t even train you.
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Best GM for hotels in the city!

I had the pleasure of working for one of the most influential and patient general manager in a hotel here in Edmonton, AB. His leadership is next to none and there is always a valuable learning experience.Though, I failed to meet expectations, I will never trade the experience I received for the amount of time I was there. I miss the job, and the team especially the management. Though there are struggles with the property (like any other) this management makes it more than tolerable.
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Great Place to work excellent co workers and staff, I appreciate and love the team work

Unfortunately I had to relocate to the bay area I wasn't employed with the Holiday Inn Redding. But it was an extremely positive place to be employed. I have been an housekeeper for 7 years. The Holiday Inn hires great people.
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It's a good experience overall

I find holiday inn employer reasonable in every sense .And they offer all other benefits too.good employer reasonable fair n so happy working with him
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Great hotel

Brilliant company and staff! Just a shame my pay was the same as a maids pay despite being a supervisor with more responsibility and hours worked was double that of a maid
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Fun workplace

I was a shuttle driver. I’d do it again. My schedule was flexible allowing for plenty of freedom to take care of family business. They were engaged with employees providing meals on occasion and other incentives.
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Muy estresante,el trabajo es mucho para una sola persona,no hay mucho personal de housekeepen y es por eso sobrecargan el trabajo a una sola persona.


No hay seguro medico


No hay vacaciones
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fast paced and exciting environment

Every day is different in the hospitality industry and you will either love it or hate it. The fast paced environment is exhilarating and keeps the adrenaline going.
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Fun place to work

Best part of the job is working with so many different personalities. Certain positions can be more stressful that others but managers are great and work around school schedules. If you love the hospitality business and work hard it's easy to advance.


free lunch and flexible schedules


working holidays and weekends
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A positive and well-supported work place

I worked here whilst and university and had moved away from home. The new family I adopted whilst at work was incredible, they offered me so much support and guidance and I was taught so much. I have now left this job, but with a heavy heart. I have applied so many of the skills I’ve learnt here to my new job. I will be forever grateful.


Opportunities to progress in your career.
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The fine dinning

The dinning room is very nice the atmosphere is elegant. The service is profession the food is delicious. You are made to feel very special. The cocktail bar is fully stocked and entertainment. Nightly softly lite atmosphere.
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great place to work

great place to work. supervisors were easy to work with. I enjoyed everyday. Some of the work was repetitive, would have liked more diverse work in my schedule
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Opportunities for Advancement

There are great opportunities for advancement within this company. Your supervisors will mentor you and provide guidance if you wish to further your career. Work-life balance could be improved a bit, as you will be asked to work very long hours. Overall, a supportive work environment.
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Manager doesn't listen. If some one gets sick in the pool he wants it shocked and opened up in 2 hrs instead if closing it for 24 hrs like its suppose to be. Not a good place to work.
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Started well, ended poorly

I started working in conferences pre-pandemic and loved it, had a fantastic boss and the tasks were varied and engaging. When we came back I was moved to food and beverage and it was really poor high expectations for poor pay, unprofessional staff and all around bad deal of a job. Maybe it's better now, we were very understaffed at the time.
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Horrible company and management

Nobody wants to see a new person succeed in this company or even give that new person the time of day just to go over what needs fixed or the proper "Holiday Inn" way. When they say they will set up your orientation or online courses to learn more...they won't. They put you in the most tiring shifts. Work til 11:30p-12am then at 7am the following morning. It pulls on your mentality strings quite a bit. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY. Management only cares about themselves and nobody else. They will fire you because they refuse (lazy) to teach you anything.
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Fun but stressfull

The staff were great, how ever the company expected you to do more and more and cut back the staff more and more which left you feeling stressed. Had a lot of different managers during my years there, some great, some not great.


Food available, Nice Staff


Workload kept increasing and less staff
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It's a job

Minimum wage is likely all you'll ever get here unless you move up in the company. Management tries kinda. Part-time minimum wage, great if that's what your looking for.
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Enjoyed my daily assignments

I worked for Holiday Inn for about 4 years in the housekeeping department. I like a fast paced job and I have a passion for cleaning and became very close with my coworkers, they were like my second family because of the long hours we worked together. The housekeeping department is so dedicated to having a nice and clean room for each customer that arrives and making their stay feel like at home. My experience in the housekeeping department at Holiday Inn was awesome!


Every month a special lunch


To many rooms in a day
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Buen lugar para aprender

Buen lugar para aprender, solo que no hay oportunidad de crecimiento
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