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Über uns
IC Resources is the recognised recruitment partner to the global technology community. Which means we aim to be a valued member of the wider technology community rather than a supplier to it.

This may seem a fine distinction but, in fact, it informs all our day-to-day activities. It means that we work with your best long-term interests in mind and,
 – mehr... for 20 years, have supported industry organisations and charities.

By valuing honesty over expediency, we may occasionally encounter situations that are challenging or frustrating in the short term, but ultimately result in a better outcome for all parties. For example; providing honest and authoritative feedback about your expectations of the marketplace will always save time and energy in the longer term.

This approach means that, as a candidate, you can be sure that we're on your side and offer you impartial representation at critical points in your career. As a client, you will benefit from a public relations partner communicating your message to the wider employment market.
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