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JW Brand with Franchise Management

JW Brand with Franchise Managements. Has some of Marriott core values but the owners involved too much with operations. A great brand but the management team needs improvement. It’s will be great if the hotel can be managed by Marriott
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This one stung

After Sacrificing 15 years to this beautiful resort I was let go along with a few others because of the Pandemic. And now they won’t even hire me to pick up weeds. Feels like I was terminated. I thought I was worth something to them. That one stung.
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Can be a fun but stressful place to work

I really enjoyed working at the JW. But management really sucks. Lots of miscommunication and not a lot of direction. Pay was decent. I felt more like a number to the company then a actual person.
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Great company to work with. Very recommendable to any other aspiring workers. Able to develop their career professionally. And also have good benefits and environment
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Great benefits

Benefits are decent. You get to take a break in a cafeteria where you get free food during certain times of the day. Sometimes you might not get to take your break when you plan. If it’s a busy day then you might have to wait a bit longer to take breaks. Management is good about keeping breaks for employees.
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Working in JW Marriott was so productive for me as I learn great management skill.

Its was an awesome experience getting trained under amazing associates. They always motivated and helped in learning new things. the work space is super friendly.
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Productive interesting and exciting

Although I may come across female employees who yet are good and bad the nkost disturbing issue is when you have grown ladies loving drama and talk among each other rather work with each other this be one of my concerns in when working with a bunch of kids grown females. Talking among one another bad mouthing jealous competitive rather helping each other tends to become stressful but that's every where. But Ratama Manor is out of control .
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Horrible Management, good coworkers, Terrible pay.

I worked for 5 months and I enjoyed the first 2 months, but Then people started to show how they feel at work, and honestly behind closed doors that place is not good people hate working there people don't get paid right half the time, Almost everyone new leaves after a month. The job is so disorganized nobody knows what's going on half the time you come in and everyone is scrambling to figure out what to do. They lied about how much you make and if it wasn't for the nice coworkers that struggled to be there already before me I would have left sooner. It's more or less sad that people say this job is more of a side gig than a career because you can not grow no matter how long you work there, (someone working there for 8 years still has not gotten to move up after all the dedication). Not only is it the management but guests can be bad too.People working for Tips trust me you do not want to do it even if some days the tips are nice. It is not worth it. Please just know it's a big job with little pay and little respect or organizing.
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good place for work, and gain experience

everything was perfect and smoothly, but long hours for work. very close with public facility and also you will find Many street food there
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Poor workplace culture and extensive overtime

Interns do not get paid, but are required to work a tremendous amount of overtime. We do not get enough days off. There is not much training rather you have to pick up things by yourself. Some F&B outlets' management was considerate but others were not. HR was not off much help when approached. Overall, experience and knowledge were gained, but a toxic workplace.
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Empresa distinguida

Me ayudo a incrementar mi potencial, a aprender y a desarrollarme laboralmente. Las prestaciones son buenas y se ofrece crecimiento en la empresa. Las desventajas son el balance entre vida personal y trabajo.


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Great team, very comfortable to work

Great management, very easy to comunicate. I loved the team very helpful and very friendly. I just left because moving to different state. I will love to work for them again in the future!
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Es una empresa con buenos valores

Cuidan de los asociados, tienen buenas prestaciones y posibilidad de crecimiento.


Fondo de ahorro, caja de ahorro, comida para empleados, uniforme limpio


El ambiente laboral a veces se ve mermado por las personas q llevan más tiempo en la empresa
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Nice to learn and fun to work

Nice working environment and very helpful seniors .Me inclined towards the F&B department had a lot to learn. Get to learm in every department of the hotel.
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Great people and up class culture

Beautiful properties. The class and elegance is phenomenal. Makes you feel apart of something special. Special around holidays.Networking is awesome. Overtime.


Cheap lunches. Plenty of parking. Great Networking.


Corporate politics
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Great pay and benefits

This property is great to transfer into alittle hard with no prior experience. Pay is great if your a tipped employee. But hourly get paid well. Management could be better. Over great place to work.
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Good management

JW Marriott good property , good chan property, excitant people ,I feel like my house 🏘️, also our management give good chance for grouth for our shelf , we have facility also like cross training & Good accommodation
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Very good to work at financially but needs work on management

Working there has definitely been an experience. Both good and upsetting. The manager is a nice person but doesn’t know how to manage certain problems with his workers. Server assistances are understaffed so the ones that are there have to work harder than most leaving them extremely tired at the end of the day. While I still put in all my effort to my job, I notice that the servers could still do a bit more with helping out. Usually I’m the only one doing a task and is frustrating for me because I’m not the only that notices this. But overall with the money, it’s a very great deal. You’re tipped out by the servers and when your check comes out, you’re glad with what you had to do
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Good work environment with departments activities

It's great company to work with as well there are many things to learn during the provided training and is the place where you grow with fabulous achievements.
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Full of fun and competitive place

Able to learn many new things easily in marriott . Staff is very friendly. The class of guest stay in marriott were very high assisting them is one the proudest moment to work with Marriott.
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