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Tolles Team, beste Arbeitsbedingungen, sehr soziale Strukturen

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Gute Teamarbeit, auch zwischen Service und Küche. Ebenso freundliche Mitarbeiter aus der Führungsetage. Ich kann nur Bestes berichten.


Flexible Arbeitszeitgestaltung, gute Erreichbarkeit mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln, da direkt in der City
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Work and money is balance

Great to work at Marriott best in the world and safe also I have enjoyed working in Marriott and had good experience in my past days put people first
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Horrible place

No money, backstabbing employees, gaslighting managers. Toxic work environment, constant training on nonsense. Horrible customers, nice new hotel in a bad neighborhood.
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Completely disorganized

Way too many chiefs and not enough Indians. you’ll have five bosses none of them are on the same page .Terrible environment no training they make you wait six months for benefits .anytime they have a budget issue they really on cutting the hourly employees hours to fix the problem while you have fave salary people doing nothing in the office all winter.terrible company.
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Good entry level job, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Depending on management, they could either help or hinder you from growing within the company.
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Difficult to move up. Need to start at the level you would like to attain. Your potential is not recognized. People are brought in from the outside for advancement.
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Great Company to move up in but work life balance is a bit tough

I started as a base manager and moved my way up quite quickly. If you work hard you are rewarded. The hours are tough and the pay is not enough for the hours you have to put in. However, for those without a college degree, it is an amazing place to make a name. Great benefits, fun people to work with, and usually good management depending on your hotel.
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Not what you would expect

They don’t pay what you’re worth and constantly try to get you to stay over or do other jobs that aren’t related to your position, I believe it’s because they have such a large amount of applicants (all of the time) that they don’t have to put in the effort to show they care about employees. The pay is lower than you’d expect- I’ve worked 3 different jobs there and I would’ve made more working at a fast food place or grocery store. People tend to stay in the low paying positions because they know “the Marriott” will look good on their résumé later. Wasn’t horrible if you can make the best of it, there were fun days. Don’t put too much hope into moving up, it’s rare because they like to bring new people in or family/friends of employees (that are of higher rank with influence) to fill those positions even if you have a degree or years of experience with them. Also, sometimes they are good about working around your classes and other times it causes issues and attitudes from management even though they tell you it’s not a problem during the hiring process.
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You have to be “in” with certain management and executives to be promoted and receive fair treatment. Negative work environment with a partial union staff and non-union staff. Many disagreements because of this. Unfair treatment of non-union employees to accommodate union employees.


Free lunch


Too much personal life interferences
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A legacy company

The company has many different departments that promote advancement. However, office politics are usually at play. It’s great to work for a global brand, and reap some of the lodging benefits. Size of team can vary depending on property. Pay as a front desk member could be better.


Hotel benefits, comprehensive training


Short breaks, standing for long periods, likelihood of working mandated overtime
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Professional and fun to work in

Working with a reputable multi International company is beyond words. I have worked in all shifts and all the staff are very professional and fun to work with. In this kind of industry, I inherited excellent customer service skills, communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills, interpersonal skills and there are more to mention. Management are strict, caring and treats everyone like a family. Marriott International is one of the best place to work in.
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A nice place to work at.

Excellent working conditions. Driven goal getting gives one the drive to do their best for their clients. One community at work. Gives room for growth.
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Nice rooms and clean rooms nice parking area Close to down town deland 99.99% of the guests are very nice people who stay there ! Nice pool As a place to work housekeeping staff amazing Mostly front desk are great!
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Great fun workplace

I loved this place when working there. There was a great working enviournment with great coworkers. I am grateful for how they treated me and great benefits!


Great hotel discounts


The breaks could've been longer.
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They are not what they stand for.

A typical day as a housekeeper is pretty busy. Vacant rooms, occupied rooms, and no service rooms. Up to 30 mins each room depending on need. I learned that advancement within a company like itself will possibly never happen yet they claim to "promote from within." Management is there to do the job they have and go home. Your issues are your issues. Your concerns are your concerns. Marriott claims to be about team togetherness as well as many other claims to culture they do not specifically stand on. The "culture" entails team work, customer service, and food waste management (lol) to say the least. This company doesn't stand on anything they say. Food waste is the number one concern, food is thrown away from banquets and breakfast literally everyday. You'd think they feed the staff all leftovers and not just what they feel fits. (Shaking my head.) There is not team work in housekeeping. Customers and giving them service is the only thing keeping the company going other than the housekeepers. The hardest part about this job was walking into an environment painted with theory and build from manure. If you speak of a problem you see, you become the problem they see. The most enjoyable part was witnessing the process they planned to fire me after numerous concerns were raised by me. I'm sure of someone took the time to dig deep much they realize the faults within the company. When employees perceive that their employers aren’t living up to their end of the deal, they’re less inclined to live up to theirs, often becoming disengaged, displaying passive aggressive behavior or letting - 
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MSP Airport Marriott

Its okay upper management follows favoritism and is incredibly hard to move up. Management never steps in when shifts are uncovered. very not understanding when it comes to life situations.
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Horrible, they never care about you just that the customers get the correct assistance at a slow pace. They hated that I was a fast worker and when I had accommodations they said I should quit.
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Bom salário e gestão Aprende-se muito! Possibilidade de crescimento de carreira
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Fun place to work

I worked there 25 years, love Marriott Top pay many awards in top sales Including associate of the year!Don’t understand why they won’t let me come back to work with a better schedule then working nights and graveyard schedule. Very seldom missed any time.If I could get my home agent/ day shift back I would go back in a heartbeat!
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The find a job on online it's so difficult, we applied but not getting proper reply. every time when you choosing job.

I worked there it's too good but working hours are so long. And sometimes I didn't find the good boss who give you proper institutions.and they giving promotion to people so early. If you are in marriot it's to easy find the job but not giving chance to outer people.
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It’s ok so far but every housekeeping job is different. Not much but most of the ladies on this department are nice. Some days you have everything other days you don’t have anything nice pay
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