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Mobilae Profil

We are Mobilae and we have made it our mission to contribute to a world where seniors can live the life they envision - being mobile, safe and independent. In order to accomplish this goal, we offer a growing number of solutions for independent living in and around home. Since our beginning in 1992 we have transformed the lives of 200.000 people and – 

Our Mission

Everybody wants to live a long life. Becoming old is great but nobody wants to be old. In time, all sort of things become less natural and more difficult to do. From shopping to moving around in your own house. This is why it is so important to get the most optimal help so you can continue enjoying your life to the fullest according to your own insights and desires. To live freely and safely in and around your home. Because part of living is being mobile and independent. Taking measures for more mobility and independence is empowering yourself to more life. A reliable partner that is both skilled and renowned will help you get there: Mobilae - for more vitae. A partner who oversees the entire chain and guides you along the way in finding the right solution that fits your needs. We provide reliable in and around home solutions for seniors that create independence and safety in an easy way. Such as stairlifts, homelifts, bathroom solutions, relax chairs and mobility scooters. After looking at all possibilities and comparing them, we select together with you the right solution that will benefit you the most. We take care of everything, from quotation to installation and maintenance. You can leave it all up to us or be in charge and follow every step of the process. We are Mobilae and made it our mission to contribute to a world where seniors can live the life they envision; mobile, safe and independent.


How it all began

How it all began When company founder Egbert de Groot saw how miserable it made his grandmother to live in a care home and have to depend on others, he vowed to help her move back into her own home. After having successfully helped his grandmother live independently again, he realized that there are many more people in a similar situation as his grandmother. This realization gave him the idea to create PractiComfort and offer professional advice, installation and service for seniors who want to continue living in their own home. PractiComfort became Mobilae when we felt that we had outgrown the name. Our focus had transformed into a more international and people-oriented platform for all mobility solutions.

Our Development

In the past 28 years, the team around Egbert has grown. We can now count on the expertise of 285 colleagues in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. We ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal of helping seniors live more independently. With this in mind, we are also continuously expanding our product and service range to include more and better mobility solutions.