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Risk management is our strength Our business model is based on the combination of primary insurance and reinsurance under one roof. We take on risks worldwide of every type and complexity, and our experience, financial strength, efficiency and first-class service make us the first choice for all matters relating to risk. Our client relationships are – 

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Munich Re #Datathon: Innovative weather data analytics

Science meets risk: Our Munich Re experts provided young datascientists w/ exclusive access to a set of climate data at our first Munich Re Datathon, in cooperation with Microsoft Azure. Looking for new ideas in predicting the effects of climate change. Read more about the topic: Munich Re's Online Magazine

Our International Graduate Trainee Programme

Have you successfully concluded your studies are now looking for a challenge where you can contribute your skills to an interdisciplinary team? Then Munich Re could be right for you. Get to know the reinsurance industry through our sound and comprehensive graduate trainee programme.

#IMMERSE Creative Career Event 2016 -- Remember our #IMMERSE career event in London? It was a special experience for the participants, our management team in London and our HR team. Let’s have a look back at their journey. As an employer, we strive to enhance innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking. We therefore invite you to immerse yourself in the world of reinsurance:

Fascination Reinsurance

What will happen if sea levels rise by a metre? How will offshore wind farms affect shipping risks? What are the implications for life and health insurance if average life expectancy eventually reaches 90 years? As one of the world's leading reinsurers, we ask questions today that will concern all of society tomorrow -- and develop sustainable solutions for the resultant risks. For this fascinating task, we need people that have the ability to think beyond the here and now. Interested in working with us? Visit our career website to discover opportunties in varying fields around the world:

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