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im allgemeinen war es eine tolle zeit wenn es die Subunternehmer nicht gegeben hätte


sehr abwechlung reich


körperlich anstrenken
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productive & fun workplace

It is super flexible when it comes to hours and scheduling. There is also room for promotions but some need to be humbled down because they were once in starter positions. Coworkers are great people to work with and surround yourself with.
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Stay away

The management is HORRIBLE at the Miami Gardens location.. the store manager gives you the run around on when you need to work it’s basically a cat & mouse game . They have favoritism & want a lot for a lil bit of pay. Store manager and supervisor tried to get me to say I’m resigning when he really wanted to fire me .Just a bunch of sick individuals I would NEVER recommend anyone to work at Ross .




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Busy place to work at

The lines were always long no mattering the time of day. The store was always incredibly messy. They had little pay for the type of job and several breaks depending on how many hours of the day you were there.


Nice coworkers


late closing times
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Great Job for teens

If looking for a first time job Ross is a great place to start. they work with your hours. it a real easy job to manage plus they help in the long run expand you in the business


discounts, hours


low pay
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Offizielle Antwort von Ross Dress For Less

23. August 2018
Thank you for sharing your experience. We do our best to hire the best people and you couldn’t be more right when you say our teams are amazing. We have been lucky to find outstanding performers who are great to be around and seek guidance from.

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Miejsce pracy w której panuje dbra atmosfera i zarobki,plus zjazdy do Polski

Ciężka stresująca,odpowiedzialna praca,która nie jest po prostu zapłacona odpowiednio


zjazdy do Polski


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A good work environment

Fast paced security and safe culture. Much emphasis on safety and production. Good benifits and work ethics with clear lines of management. I have learned supervisory skills and time management.


Good healthcare
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