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Über uns
Welcome to Service Credit Union. We believe that our approach to service goes above and beyond what you’ll find at any other financial institution. We combine the warmth and attention of a credit union, the security and support of a big bank and a constant eye to the future to create a financial institution that’s always working, always innovating and – mehr... always looking out for you.

We attribute our superior service to 7 factors:

1. Members always come first – We are non-profit and member-owned and we don’t answer to Wall Street or outside investors. Our member advisory council and constant contact with our members insures that we stay in touch with members’ wants and needs.

2. Advanced Security – We use the most advanced security technology with thorough monitoring and rapid alert systems to insure you’re protected from fraud and identity theft. We publish bulletins alerting you to the latest scams and frauds and we provide tips and advice on how to keep you and your family secure.

3. 24/7/365 Access – With 24/7 on-line chat and phone support, video tellers and a team of dedicated bankers, members can bank with us around the clock and around the world.

4. A broader range of competitive products and services – As a credit union, we can offer very competitive rates so you can feel confident that you’re always getting the best value. We also offer insurance products so you can get more of your needs met under one roof.

5. Sound financial advice – We educate members on how they can get the most out of their money and, unlike some banks that are constantly pushing products, we offer advice and suggestions only when we believe they’re right for you.

6. Responsiveness – Our long and proud history of serving the military has taught us how to serve members any time of the day or night even in the most remote areas of the world. Around the clock and around the world, we are always on.

7. An eye to the future. We are always looking forward for the products, services and technology that will enhance members’ banking experiences and protect their assets.

You can count on Service Credit Union.
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