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Swisslog automation solutions change the way hospitals and health systems work -- increasing their efficiency and enhancing their patients’ experience. Our solutions drive customer value by improving workflows and reducing the time clinicians spend doing routine and repetitive tasks – giving them more time to care for their patients.

 – mehr... Swisslog automated transport solutions reduce the labor necessary to manage and move materials within a hospital or across a campus. Our medication management solutions automate picking, packing, labeling and storage to eliminate opportunities for error. From small community hospitals to multi-site IDNs, our solutions integrate inventory and supply chain management from purchasing to patient.

From the first pneumatic tube system installed in a hospital to the first integrated system for automated packaging, labeling, storing and dispensing of unit-dose medications, our history is rich with technology firsts. Today, we continue to lead change through automation technology advancements across the globe. More than 3,000 customers in 20 countries on four continents rely on Swisslog automation solutions to increase workflow efficiency, improve patient safety and reduce errors.

Swisslog is the only company with experience in warehousing and distribution, as well as healthcare robotics, to give you the visibility, certainty and security to improve the patient experience and address supply chain inefficiencies..

Visit to find out how you can change the way you work by increasing efficiency and enhancing the patient experience.
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