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Guter Arbeitsort, Sehr nettes miteinander man versteht sich super und die Arbeit macht auch Spaß.Achtung!: Nur für leute in geringer Beschäftigung gedacht aufstiegsmöglichkeiten schwerer als gesagt.
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False information

Provided false information from management and then HR says something different. They block your number and don't return calls. Unprofessional management and very poor training.




Poor managers. Poor training
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Fun place yo work

Love the company, but the schedule isn’t really work life balance! Lot’s of Friday and Saturday nights and only one weekend off a month! Most retailers give you two weekends off a month!
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It’s a easy job

Over all I like the job but when the work environment is hectic and the employees are messy it’s just not a good environment anymore. When the leads get mad about doing their job it become a problem for me.
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Simple and basic Job for people that doesn’t have a great level of English

The job was normal , with its good and bad things pretty basic , the payment was always accurate and the people there were nice and help you as you need
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Culture within a culture - oppression & control no one is happy

People are given scripts to read and if you question the script you are outcast. Leaders will work together to ruin your career within and outside TJX. They have created a fear culture for those not part of the good old boys club!
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God experience

Staff was very kind while working there. Lots of diversity among staff which I enjoyed seeing. You get free lunches every now and then which I loved and was very thankful for. Pay and hours were not very good because you either have good hours or almost no hours. So not very stable in my opinion.
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Excelente ambiente de trabajo

Amazing place good manager and team, I learned a lot they training you for all the department and they offer very flexible schedule I recommend 200% sure
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Loved working there

The people working there are great, some of the best people I’ve worked with. Management was good too, always there if and when you needed someone to talk too.TJX also promotes within the company, with I loved


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Working at TJX was hands down the most toxic environment I ever worked in. Management was extremely overbearing and pinned employees against eachother. Favoritism was rampant and tattle telling was encouraged! The turnover in the HR department was astronomical as no one could deal with managements childlike behavior. I witnessed several coworkers cry throughout my time here.


Free lunch sometimes


Literally everything else
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It was ok

Bad. Good money not a lot hours. People were cool. Free lunch sometimes. 3day work week Friday-Sunday. Had 4 days off paid every week. From 6-6 12 hours shift.
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It’s a good place to work if you’re in need of money. Management is terrible and there is always something going wrong with orders. I don’t recommend
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Productive work place

My job was very enjoyable, and my supervisor was very fair and considerate to work for. I learned a lot about the industry and I can use this knowledge as I move forward with my career
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Great environmentGreat people to work withFast paceSomething different than what I worked beforeI got to work in every department in the warehouse it was a great experience :)
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A fun laid back place to work and friendly

I love working at tj maxx made me feel welcomed and appreciated the down time in January-March is the part that is hard but when you do work there is always something to do
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Productive and fun work place!

Everyone is very understanding and nice. Honestly it seems too good to be true on how things run there. Everyone always pushes communication no matter how dumb you may think your question is. They always say we’d rather you ask a million times then feel like you have to try on your own and mess up.


Break room is stacked with free food for lunch. Sometimes we get treats such as; ice cream, popsicles, candy. During the holidays you get fed VERY well!


Sometimes a hard and long time to move up the ranks
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Great place to work

I was a contract graphic design employee and. I. loved every minute of it!great work environment and great team!I learned a lot there and had a flexible schedule
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It’s okay

The hours are long and they expect a lot from you even though the pay is minimal. Management can be bullies at times but stick your ground. Other than thst it’s okay
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Bad management terrible pay

Management treats their people badly then wonder why no one ever wants to show up to work. They give no hours and only pay minimum wage. Do better TJX
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Awful workplace

Management were extremely rude and unhelpful. Too much pressure when you are new. Overall an awful place to work do not recommend to anyone!!! Recruitment agency’s fired me over text!
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It’s a cool company to grow with if you like that sort of thing .

I like working at TJX . They gave me sense of purpose , & achievement , & other stuff like being with the community . I am thankful to work here ! They are all very nice to work with . Thanks for your time .


10% discount of merchandise
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