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Arbeiten bei der US Army ist ganz okay. Nur manche deutschen Shopmeister oder Vorgesetzte haben keine Ahnung über Führung und Behandlung von Mitarbeitern . Ausserdem meinen Einige es wäre ihre Firma oder Betrieb .
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Great Job Experiences and Professional Development

Working for the United States Army provided me with more opportunities to work around the globe and across the US than most companies out there. I worked with many cross functional professionals from various backgrounds. The benefits are second to none and the Army tries it's best to provide a work life / balance to most Soldiers. The experience will vary by assignment and bosses, however, I would do it all again if I had another chance to.
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Military Police

Army provides great purpose and direction depending on leadership. Beneifts are outstanding. Served for four years and now I have the GI Bill, and VA Loan to use.


Benefits, stability


Lack of career control
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Every individual selected are trained to become expert in their choosen job. Army provided opportunities to get trained and grow. Leaders motivates subordinates through award presentation for outstanding performance. Get promoted based on
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Best job

Best place I have worked in 20 years, if you are looking for something that can give you a steady income, 30 days free leave and free schooling then the army is the best place for you.
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its the Army.

I lot during my time in the Army. I was given every opportunity to grow and learn as both a soldier and an individual. I would recommend military service to anyone.
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56M Chaplain Assistant

I went about my day, a typical day in the job area was working either in my battalion office or out in some field training, the changes varied every single week, month, day. The hardest part of my job was being halfway across the world, away from everything and everybody you genuinely cared about. The most rewarding part of my job was knowing and having that I had 800 + soldiers under my supervision as their battalion's chaplain assistant with of course my chaplain who was also in charge but he had a degree within his religion practicality and I did not, religion is not forced on people, if that's what you are thinking, it was simply there to help and was designed to help the soldiers in times of struggles and the most importantly aspect was the soldiers health status in a physical state and a mental stage. The rest is unsaid since I was to experience and have the opportunity to be a U.S. Army soldier.


Free lunch but long lunches as well.


The area of work constantly changed.
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Stressful but Fulfilling

Tough job, pleasing 20000+ customers with less than 30 employees in our AOR. Teamwork is the key. Determination is critical. Pay is good. Location is best kept secret.
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great new experience and good work place.

its long hours some days but you learn a lot of different skills. work place is fun an you meet a lot of good people. the hardest part of the job is the stress and time management . the most enjoyable part of the job is the bonding with new people and the training.
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challenging and exciting

Time management and discipline was fostered very well from beginning to the end of my career. Although sometimes hours were long and strenuous, the team environment made the work to be done as painless as possible. In addition this offered numerous opportunities for growth and the ability to progress in pay grade. While all of these things occur'd I was able to learn valuable things such as leadership time management and self discipline as the Army operated with limited supervision more often than not once you have proven your competency.




limited job spectrum
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the army is a good thing. i believe the military is a good option, but my unit RES 2CR is bad and a terrible place to be. it should not be a first duty station
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Challenging Work But Rewarding

Great workplace. Learned lifelong skills in management, organization, leadership. Tasks were challenging but managing time and prioritizing work was key. The workplace was great for me and co-workers and leaders who cared for my personal issues, concerns, and family at home. Demanding hours and high-stress work took the most out of me but compensation was fitting each time for my family. Would do it all over again!
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Enjoyable place to work

On of the best units I belonged to, very balance work life and personal life. Long hours but is to be excepted in the army. Would definitely go back there any day
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Fun, Travel and Adventure

My career in the US Army was awesome. The training that was provided improved my confidence and prepared me for leadership in all fields. The ability to observe and work with other cultures provided me with insight that can't be measured
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Learning Experience

I have learned a lot about responsibility, and what it truly means to take pride in your work, and I have gained a lot of discipline in myself. I love what the army has done for me and all I have learned. I will retain what meant most to me and apply it to my life. It was a great stepping stone and it helped me find my drive to what I really want in life.


Free living


Toxic Leadership
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Should be manditory

The Army changed my life. The diversification of personalities and the difficult training will change your outlook on life. Every soldier will experience a boss that they don't like and vise versa. The job experiences gained working in the military are much more versatile that most would assume.


You serve your country


Sacrificing freedom
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Sehr gut

War sehr gut und vielfältig, hatte dort viel Spaß..man verbesserte sein Englisch..wer die Amerikaner mag war dort gut Aufgehoben..mir gefiel es sehr gut
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US Army

Being a paralegal in the US Army taught me discipline, work ethic, time management, and productivity! The customer service skills I have learned from my experience in the army has assisted me in every aspect of business in the civilian world.
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Usual military life

The Army is what you make of it. For some it is a nightmare and for others it's the greatest job on Earth. With today's current operations tempo, I would not recommend it to anyone with a wife and children.
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Research and do it if its for you

Army offers a lot of opportunities, but there are far more negatives involved with being an enlisted service member than there are positives. Big guns are only so cool for so long.


Benefits, Good amount of leave days, always payed


Management, time lines, hours worked, discipline
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Only for people who want an army career not people who want college and money it’ll be a trap for them

The army can be okay at first but it gets stressful I was always hardworking but I can’t be away from home that long I have things that I need to take care of and a gf to take care of, I have done a lot for the army and passed basic training and advanced training and gotten certificates in SERE training online courses I’ve always been told what to do and I listen.


Free meals and no bills for housing and hospitals


No freedom and stressful and away from home and family for a long time and deployments
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