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You wake up at around 5 am to do Pt. Then you shower and go to chow. After that your work day starts at 9am lunch is around 12-1pm and then you work till around 6pm.
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decent life lessons

The US Army, boy what a ride. id made alot of memories overtime but most of it was through pain and suffering. It can be rewarding when things go right the first time, but they almost never do.
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No personal time. Work every day of the week

No time off, work 6 days a week. Work days start at 0630- 5pm the earliest getting off. If you have a family they don’t care. You’re not allowed to take your leave whenever you want to.
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It’s the best or worse decision you will make

Don’t judge your first duty station as how the army is in general. Different units, different leaders. It’s a subjective experience in that you may have a good time at one unit, a bad time in another.




Dumb leadership
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Good job toxic leadership

Toxic leader ship produces toxic leadership. The army will never grow if it maintains this archaic style of leadership when the world is evolving. The army could be great if leaders were willing to become more open minded
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A day of working can be very productive like , ordering a lot of parts or picking up parts. You have to be flexible with your team on what the tasks are to get completed.
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Great experience, i had an amazing time during my service in the military, learned tons of new lessons that helped shape me as the young hard working man i am today.
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Worst unit I worked for.

Very sexist and disrespectful environment. Even when you are a very hard worker they treat you like trash, talk over you, and are completely dismissive of your good and obviously common sense ideas. A TOTAL BOYS CLUB!!! Very sad that it is currently 2020, and the Army still has this problem. Just shaking my head right now and wondering if it is going to be another 50 to 100 years before the Army gets their act together.
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Terrible management, great teamwork

What would otherwise be an outstanding organization is bogged down by self-serving leadership and power hungry manchildren. Most of my unit's existence seemed to be for the padding of officers' evaluation reports and senior NCOs' advancement. Treatment of lower enlisted tends to be par the course for any negative stereotype you'd expect.
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Somewhat receptive work days

learned self devilment skills, working in this company gave me a lot of leadership roles and it gave me many opportunities to travel. For the years i was here i have enjoyed myself
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We are experience personnel trained and proficient in any kind of tasked giving at hand . Guaranteed accomplishment or task no matter what the circumstance are.
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The Army did for me what I hoped. Provides me with stability and a direction in life. I learned a lot about myself and my chosen career path, whilst facing adversity under strenuous circumstances.




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Productive workplace

I gained a lot of great experience with co-workers to develop my mechanical and leadership skills. These skills were I was able to transfer over to the civilian side of life, and has helped me complete tasks in many other aspects of life.
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I loved it

It was a great job. I learned a lot while working here. I have gotten many experiences work wise, as well as life. The army made me grow a lot and helped me in life
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Great friendships

Wake up at 0530 mon-friday to report at 0630. Do physical training from 0630-0800. Recieve daily task at 0800- 0810. Breakfast 0810-0930. Show up to work at the right time, right uniform, right place to perform daily task. work from 0930-1130 then go off to lunch. Come back from lunch at 1300 to finsh where we left off. Until task was complete we would get released. Hardest part about this job was dealing with people who did not care about the job and would not take it serious. Most enjoyable part of the job at the end of the night were the stuff that would happen throughout the day and the friendships you make.
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A great way to start life

I had the opportunity to become a soldier in the United States Army and further my career in Environmental Health. The Army is passionate in progressing your technical and physical growth, to a certain extent. I felt limited in the amount of training I could acquire due to government funding and location. Serving was a great experience and set my career path for success.


Healthcare and Benefits


Limited time off
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work schedule

early mornings and late nights. complete different lifestyle change, in which you must be comfortable enough to do. being in the military puts you in positions where you must be the most responsible person in the room.
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great benefits

it was an experience i will never forget. it has its pros and cons like you work alot and sometimes away from family quite a bit but in the end its all worth it.
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Good Time

I had a great group of leadership when I deployed and that was the best part of the Army for me. My leadership kept us physically fit, and in high spirits. While in Garrison however, things were different. This is definitely understandable due to the environment changing.
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Not for everyone

The Army is a great place to thrive for some people. I was not one of these people. I found it exceedingly difficult to manage home and work life after starting a family and chose to leave for personal reasons.
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soldiers day

Every morning we have physical training and throughout the day it would consist of training through walk throughs or using a white board and teaching a class. On mondays we would be managing our vehicles until lunch. We will have equipment layouts for inspection. Communication between the ranking system was probably the hardest with bringing information up and down the ranks. The most enjoyable part of the job was relating to those who are in bad situations with you of pushing yourself physically and mentally with sleeping in the snow or carrying 60 lbs for 12 miles individually.




being too strict with ranking system it slowed us down.
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