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It was fun working there

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I loved it. Even going through boot camp was fine. It was hard but it is something that everyone can do if they push themselves. I never thought that I could go through it but I did and so can you.
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Great experience, i had an amazing time during my service in the military, learned tons of new lessons that helped shape me as the young hard working man i am today.
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Active Duty Service

I've been enlisted almost five years in the Army- active duty. It's a demanding job but the benefits are highly worth the amount of work required. Remain a team player and step out of your comfort zone.
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Great experience

It was a great experience and taught me a lot of things I needed to know to be successful. I would trade my time in for anything. The job security and benefits are great
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morale is the most enjoyable part of being in the army

Being away from home with others that are away from there family gives everyone a sense of family within those around you, so you never really feel alone because everyone around you is going through the same struggle of being so far away from home
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Might be the best workplace I've ever worked for.

If it wasn't due to family situation, I wouldn't ever left this organisation. Work condition and situation are perfect. I love the job. If I had a chance to go back and got my old job I would do it in a heart beat
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Active Duty

Being an Active Duty service member provided alot of helpful resources. The same day to day schedule and weekends off was good for planning. Knowing what will happen everyday. Great lifestyle


almost free everything


Strict rules
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Nice benefits

The Army careers its not an easy one because if you have family its really hard because you are a soldier 24/7 most of the days you are working but in benefits its a great opportunity for go to school, the health insurance its awesome and you make friends for life.
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Great Organization to Build Life and Work Experience

This has to be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life was serving in the U.S. Army. They offer a variety of advancement and benefit options. Once you've completed you BCT and AIT, a typical work day includes 6:30am PT and your normal work day which is from 8am-4pm like a regular job. However given your MOS those hours may be subject to change.
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Great organization to work for

The US Army is a great organization. The most enjoyable part of the job is you get to choose where you would like to station. I chose to get stationed in Germany. As a result I get to travel pretty much more than a dozen countries. The hardest part of the job is being away from families and friends. I have learned leadership, resiliency etc


professional growth


Being away from home
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show up on time at work and do your job well pretty much what other normal people does. The workplace was clean and has to be maintained clean most of the time.
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Typical work day

A typical work day is started at a 6:00 am Physical fitness formation, that usually lasts about an hour, after that the formation is then released to go home and clean up and prepare for the work day this is also the time to go and get breakfast and to report to work at 8am, lunch break is usually between 11:30am and 12:30 pm .. then afterwards you return to work and complete your duties and go home at 5:00pm unless the soldier had any extra duties or staff duty
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Great experience to travel the world, and work with an array of different types of people.

I enjoyed getting to travel most while serving in the military on active duty for 4 years, and reserve for 4 as well. I was thankful to be stationed in Germany, before the age of 21, I had seen half of the world and met many good people. I had great management and chain of command. Deploying to Afghanistan for a year long tour was an experience of a lifetime.


Benefits, meeting new people, traveling.


I lived in the barracks on base in Germany which was an old WWII base remodeled, The winters were pretty severe to train in.
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Katterbach Review

Working overseas in Germany provided great insight to other cultures. During this tour I deployed to Afghanistan. This opened the door to learn how to get the job done with limited capabilities and still serve in multiple sectors as a Soldier and HR professional.
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Germany was beautiful

Great place to learn job, see new culture and travel the word. I recommend this location to anyone interested in seeing Europe and enjoying the diverse workplace.


Travel Capabilities


No Cons
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Great place to work

Enjoyed the European living the command was like working with everyone and training was great. No problems in the command
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Processed soldiers into Germany, if the base was not accommodating to the family such as medical or schooling then we relocated them. Kept all records and reports of the soldiers and their MOS. We also housed soldiers coming from Iraq on emergency leave.


Rewarding and proud to have served.


Honestly no cons.
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best experience

Life changing experience that ii wouldn't change for the world. you're able to grow as a leader and even better a person.
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Hard work, but enjoyable

The U.S. Army is hard work, but you will feel satisfaction and pride in your work. Management has a hierarchical system with steady advancement if you put the work in and co-workers feel like family.


Massive compensation and benefits


long hours, work on weekends occasionally, away from home
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Work experience is unbelievable

Although the hours are unpredictable depending on job, co-workers and management is unlike civilian life. Many opportunities for schooling and traveling.
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HR Specialist

Provided customer service support for over 30,000 Soldiers and their Families by providing reassignment orders and command sponsorship orders.


Great mentors


Did not work there long due to retirement from the Army
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