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Strong leadership education and building confidence

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Typical day: Mission oriented and training.What I learned: Strategy, weapon systems, and ability to adapt to obtain success.Management: Strong leadership that maintain discipline.Workplace culture: Strong friendships working together.Hardest part of my job: Deployment to Iraq.Most enjoyable part of my job: Successful mission.


free food, training, and lifetime friends


long deployments
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decent life lessons

The US Army, boy what a ride. id made alot of memories overtime but most of it was through pain and suffering. It can be rewarding when things go right the first time, but they almost never do.
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Good job toxic leadership

Toxic leader ship produces toxic leadership. The army will never grow if it maintains this archaic style of leadership when the world is evolving. The army could be great if leaders were willing to become more open minded
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It’s the military

A good trade of for free college. If you suck up or are really good at running they will care about you and help you succeed if not your not going to get very far.
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I always wanted to serve my country

I got blessed with the ability to serve my country and I couldn’t have done it with a better ground of guys. I loved every minute of it and I will always have high respect for those who serve
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Everyone should try

You wake up at around 5 am to do Pt. Then you shower and go to chow. After that your work day starts at 9am lunch is around 12-1pm and then you work till around 6pm.
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it is a great way to start a career and start the foundation of lufe with discipline and life choices. It comes with the chance travel and it shows discipline.
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Terrible management, great teamwork

What would otherwise be an outstanding organization is bogged down by self-serving leadership and power hungry manchildren. Most of my unit's existence seemed to be for the padding of officers' evaluation reports and senior NCOs' advancement. Treatment of lower enlisted tends to be par the course for any negative stereotype you'd expect.
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its the army

spend alot of your time doing nothing and then when your finally ready to do nothing you then have stuff to do dont expect weekends or to be off work by 6pm
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Overall love serving my country.

We have day to day tasks which varies on how late you will stay at work, waking up early is a normal thing. Physical fitness plays a big role in the Military.
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I loved it

It was a great job. I learned a lot while working here. I have gotten many experiences work wise, as well as life. The army made me grow a lot and helped me in life
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The Army

The army is a great stepping stone for those who want to progress and further enhance their future career. In the army you gain experiences ranging from leadership, management, administrative skills and getting well at communication with others towards difficult tasks at hand. You build a bond of brotherhood and sisterhood with other soldiers around you and learn many different experiences from others. Make easy connections for easy networking for future work experience.
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work schedule

early mornings and late nights. complete different lifestyle change, in which you must be comfortable enough to do. being in the military puts you in positions where you must be the most responsible person in the room.
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Competitive job, makes you wanna better yourself. Leadership is always willing to assist you in anything you need. Pay is fare and promotions are given to the most qualified.
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Have thick skin and a clear head

it is the army, everyone should have an idea of what its like. its about what you make out of it. don't slack off and be lazy and you'll be just fine.
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Hard work at some stations but can also be rewarding

The amount of hard and long days at work i would say are rewarding of the security and other benefits you receive. You wake up every morning generally around the same time but often times (unless you work behind a desk) you have no idea when you'll be off work.


Health, dental, college


incompetent leadership
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creates a good mentality that you may use for the rest of your life

It was a benefit for me to work there because it allows me to pay for college and pursue my own career that I want. They are also very many jobs that you can choose from to better yourself.


long breakfast and lunch breaks


Time off is never guaranteed
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Army....Welcome to the Suck

You're actions can and cannot dictate your progression. Everything has it's ups and downs in life. What matters, is how quickly you bounce back from your downs, and how high you soar on your highs.
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Productive and competitive workplace

Every day as soldier was constant competition. Everyone wanting to be the best in order to rank up quicker. Yet, the brotherhood and the making of life-long friends made all that even more competitive.
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ever changing work enviornment

depending on your leadership and job every ones experience in the army will change. It was the best job Ive had as well as the worst. the hardest part of the job is being "on call" 24/7
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The Army was the best thing for me. I learned a lot and if it wasn't for my father's death I believe i would have retired with them. I had just entered the special forces program




away from family
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