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Rundum Zufrieden und gute Arbeitsatmosphäre jedoch ohne große Aufstiegschancen wegen flacher Hierarchie in meiner Abteilung
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A challenging but rewardingplace to work.

This was not a 9-5 job, but it gave me plenty of opportunities to advance my knowledge and leadership experience. Workplace culture is great. The most enjoyable part is being able to see the world.
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Productive fun work

Good benefits though congress trifles from time to time. Super ability to move around the world. You get what you put into it. Highly recommend. Start/finish education while employed so you have more options for fulfilling career.
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Highly Recommended

Great opportunity for career advancement, medical, dental benefits. There are also opportunities to cross train to different jobs. Duty stations vary allover the world and US.
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Served my country

Great career choice when I was 18. Set me up for the future. After I left the military I went into law enforcement. I was able to use my GI bill to get my bachelors degree.
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Great place for young individuals.

Great place for young individuals. You have the opportunity to get into shape and you can travel the world. You can also get money for college and many more benefits.
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Great Job Experiences and Professional Development

Working for the United States Army provided me with more opportunities to work around the globe and across the US than most companies out there. I worked with many cross functional professionals from various backgrounds. The benefits are second to none and the Army tries it's best to provide a work life / balance to most Soldiers. The experience will vary by assignment and bosses, however, I would do it all again if I had another chance to.
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Great Starting point for many and helpful all through life.

Not having many options out of High School, I opted for this opportunity. I learned a trade and traveled to some great places. After my time was up, the benefits followed and continue to help me today.


Quality of Life, Stability


Extended Solo Travel
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Job security and benefits are great

the security of the job and possible advancement makes the future good. best part is the movement to different locations in different areas of the world
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Proud to serve my country

This is a job that you can be proud of. It's not an easy job but is essential and you can know that you made a difference. If you are considering joining, I would recommend that you talk to multiple recruiters, unfortunately not all of them take their job seriously.
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Great service

I’m glad I got to serve and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I would advise you all to join. Do it for your family and for your future. Great benefits as well.
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Sehr guter Arbeitgeber,sicherer Arbeitsplatz bei bester Bezahlung

Für Menschen,die diesen militärischen Drill und die Hierarchie des amerikanischen Militärs mögen,ist dieser Job bestens geeignet,allerdings sehr stressig,Gute Nerven erforderlich,am besten,wenn man das kann,so gut wie nur unter höchstens 15 Krankheitstage pro Jahr!


Sehr gute Bezahlung, sicherer Arbeitsplatz


Absolut nicht geeignet für Menschen, die sich nicht unterordnen wollen
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Endless opportunities to excel if properly communicated to those that need it.

There a lot of benefits available, however mentorship programs were/are nonexistent. I stress that the importance of mentoring the younger inexperienced personnel is vital. Not only to the organization as a whole but to the individuals professional development.
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Glad I made the decision to serve and made long lasting bonds

The Army was challenging but rewarding. At some points you hated it it others the best memories the will last a life time an that others will share like experiences .


Best physical shape in my life


Can not quite before you term of service
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Great Job!

Traveling the world and always learning something new and exciting. great job security. Ability to work different jobs in your designated field. Endless possibilities for career progression.


Job Stability


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Job fulfillment and meaningful

The most meaningful work one can do for their country. Every Soldier has its own experience, open mindedness and understanding what you stand for will make your experience that much better.


Experience different cultures, expans your horizons and makes you a resilient person.


You'll miss out on many important life events.
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Military Police

Army provides great purpose and direction depending on leadership. Beneifts are outstanding. Served for four years and now I have the GI Bill, and VA Loan to use.


Benefits, stability


Lack of career control
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It’s decent

It’s what you would think the army would be like.It takes effort and dedication but can be great stabilization tool to figure out future goals and use as a stepping stone or a great career choice if you like the rank structure.


Benefits guaranteed paycheck salary pay


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It's a great life

The US Army as an awesome place great way of life all around awesome great see the world great job is just an all-around great lifetime great great job.great start to adapt life.
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United States Army

It is what you make of it. Plenty of opportunity to advance. More than enough time off. Travel anywhere in the world almost and live there. It has been an excellent experience for me and hopefully for you too.
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US Army

Best plant to ever worked at. If i was still young, i would still be there. Many long time friends and excellent way to network after leaving the service.


Job security


Multiple deployments
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