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Rundum Zufrieden und gute Arbeitsatmosphäre jedoch ohne große Aufstiegschancen wegen flacher Hierarchie in meiner Abteilung
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Abwechslung, Vielschichtig

Arbeiten bei der US Army ist ganz okay. Nur manche deutschen Shopmeister oder Vorgesetzte haben keine Ahnung über Führung und Behandlung von Mitarbeitern . Ausserdem meinen Einige es wäre ihre Firma oder Betrieb .
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Sehr guter Arbeitgeber,sicherer Arbeitsplatz bei bester Bezahlung

Für Menschen,die diesen militärischen Drill und die Hierarchie des amerikanischen Militärs mögen,ist dieser Job bestens geeignet,allerdings sehr stressig,Gute Nerven erforderlich,am besten,wenn man das kann,so gut wie nur unter höchstens 15 Krankheitstage pro Jahr!


Sehr gute Bezahlung, sicherer Arbeitsplatz


Absolut nicht geeignet für Menschen, die sich nicht unterordnen wollen
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Endless opportunities to excel if properly communicated to those that need it.

There a lot of benefits available, however mentorship programs were/are nonexistent. I stress that the importance of mentoring the younger inexperienced personnel is vital. Not only to the organization as a whole but to the individuals professional development.
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The good is job security, nothing is bad if you like it. What stand out is room for growth

Following order, respect for the following battle. Management is aresome, depend on where you served. The hardest part is warking for physical training but fun over time when body system get use to it.
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Good job toxic leadership

Toxic leader ship produces toxic leadership. The army will never grow if it maintains this archaic style of leadership when the world is evolving. The army could be great if leaders were willing to become more open minded
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Strong leadership education and building confidence

Typical day: Mission oriented and training.What I learned: Strategy, weapon systems, and ability to adapt to obtain success.Management: Strong leadership that maintain discipline.Workplace culture: Strong friendships working together.Hardest part of my job: Deployment to Iraq.Most enjoyable part of my job: Successful mission.


free food, training, and lifetime friends


long deployments
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What you make of it.

Interesting experience, though tons of micromanagement. Definitely made friends, saw places, did some interesting work and training.In the end, not a career for me or for my family.
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Great place to work - Supervisors and Managers were supportive

It was really nice to go to work everyday and talk to coworkers. Teamwork played a great part in the day to day operation. Everyone was cooperative in getting the work done and meeting the established standard. Management played a great part in the day to day to day operation. We were briefed on a daily basis on our expectations. We use the chain of command and it worked for us. The greatest part of the job was that we were appreciated when be accomplished the assignment ahead of schedule and there were no negative issues. As an inspector, the toughest part was to deal with seniors in different sections especially when we recommend corrections in the way things were being done. The best part is being praised by the boss for a job well well done.


Free to take brakes as necessary, Health Care, Ira & 401k


Nothing to add.
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Toxic Leadership

As a soldier in one of the most toxic Corps in the Army, the Military Police Corps. I can testify that being a 31 series is hard, depressing and rage making. I wouldn’t recommend becoming a MP, save your sanity and time.


You’ll get BAS


Bad leadership
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Long and often unpredictable hours. Great value based culture.

Work-life balanceWork-life balance at U.S. Army is definitely more work heavy.Pay & benefitsMy pay and benefits at U.S. Army are very good. 30 days paid leave per year, health benefits for whole family immediately. Education benefits.Job security and advancementIn terms of job security at U.S. Army, I think if you work hard, you can stay in to retire.ManagementIn general, managers at U.S. Army competent leaders.CultureCollaboration with my colleagues at U.S. Army is usually very easy and productive.OverallMy experience working at U.S. Army overall very positive.
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Geht so

Das Management lässt zu wünschen übrig. Man hat keine Aufstiegschancen,es werden nur Steine in den Weg gelegt.




Schlechtes Management
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Lot's of fun stuff and it's all free, but you won't spend much time enjoying it, because you will be in the field or down range.

Hope you like push-ups, because man will you be doing them. This place is truly and adventure, and so will all the other places you'll go. The best part is that they actually let you shoot fully automatic weapons here. In fact, if you don't like guns or loud noises, you'll probably be doing even more push-ups. ;O)


Free food every day. Breakfast, Dinner, and Supper!!!


Better eat fast or there's no free Lunch.
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Opportunities are available within organization

There are great opportunities to grow business and expand customer base, however there is always a fight to get funding and/or red tape. It is not like working in the civilian sector.


Free meals for management


As the Business Manager, had no say in the future plans of operation.
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Avoid like the plague

Working in the Army can be a hot or miss. You could have leadership that want nothing more than for you to succeed or you could have leadership who wants you to fail.
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Team Work

Working as a team benefits everyone. you learn from every one on daily basis. management is always willing to listen. each culture is different depending on where you are stationed a typical day at work is just like a jov out her in the civilian world, you have good days and bad. the hardest part of the job leaving for another duty station to another because of the commandry you have built with this team.
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Worst unit I worked for.

Very sexist and disrespectful environment. Even when you are a very hard worker they treat you like trash, talk over you, and are completely dismissive of your good and obviously common sense ideas. A TOTAL BOYS CLUB!!! Very sad that it is currently 2020, and the Army still has this problem. Just shaking my head right now and wondering if it is going to be another 50 to 100 years before the Army gets their act together.
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Terrible management, great teamwork

What would otherwise be an outstanding organization is bogged down by self-serving leadership and power hungry manchildren. Most of my unit's existence seemed to be for the padding of officers' evaluation reports and senior NCOs' advancement. Treatment of lower enlisted tends to be par the course for any negative stereotype you'd expect.
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God speed

Once again I do not like to write reviews. Indeed should remove this feature of making me do such. Add a skip button for those who rather not state their opinions.
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The army

The army was a good experience I learned countless valuable skills, these skills include people management, and team building skills, it is my opinion that these skills will lead to a thriving work experience
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I was a contractor for the US army in Germany as a dental hygienist. I have NEVER worked in a more hostile environment. I was an E11, treated like a zero. Also much harassment by the EEO!! The management was atrocious, I felt like I was working in a junior high school. Workers would actually sabbatage sp? Other workers work. These were girls who were angry that other girl’s husbands had a higher rank. that other
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