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Rundum Zufrieden und gute Arbeitsatmosphäre jedoch ohne große Aufstiegschancen wegen flacher Hierarchie in meiner Abteilung
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Great for single people

It’s hard on people with families unless you are of higher rank. It’s hard but it’s great for people that feel like they can do more with there life. A great place to be until you figure out what you want to do in life
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The Military is a commitment.

Discipline and personal integrity are essential as a Soldier in the Army. You cannot hope to succeed if you do not hold yourself accountable for your physical and mental health while in-service. The cultural experience is unlike any work environment in the civilian world and does require some internal re-orienting. This does not mean that you should allow transgressions in your AO to pass unchecked. The Army is a living organization that relies on its individual members to hold themselves and each other to a higher standard, to transcend social boundaries of race, gender, orientation and political opinion. If you're not ready to commit yourself to the higher pursuits, do not walk through that recruiters door.


Excellent health and dental benefits, opportunities to travel, access to free education, excellent severances


Physically grueling, dangerous, no position is guaranteed, work life balance does not exist
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A challenging but rewardingplace to work.

This was not a 9-5 job, but it gave me plenty of opportunities to advance my knowledge and leadership experience. Workplace culture is great. The most enjoyable part is being able to see the world.
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Challenging, but they take care of you

As long as you can follow orders, it's a good job. You have to wale up early, but thats common for most jobs. You also get to meet some really cool people.
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It was a time of war

It was challenging yet rewarding. I felt a sense of duty and responsibility to help my fellow soldiers make it home. It was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.
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decent life lessons

The US Army, boy what a ride. id made alot of memories overtime but most of it was through pain and suffering. It can be rewarding when things go right the first time, but they almost never do.
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Abwechslung, Vielschichtig

Arbeiten bei der US Army ist ganz okay. Nur manche deutschen Shopmeister oder Vorgesetzte haben keine Ahnung über Führung und Behandlung von Mitarbeitern . Ausserdem meinen Einige es wäre ihre Firma oder Betrieb .
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Productive fun work

Good benefits though congress trifles from time to time. Super ability to move around the world. You get what you put into it. Highly recommend. Start/finish education while employed so you have more options for fulfilling career.
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Highly Recommended

Great opportunity for career advancement, medical, dental benefits. There are also opportunities to cross train to different jobs. Duty stations vary allover the world and US.
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Great place for young individuals.

Great place for young individuals. You have the opportunity to get into shape and you can travel the world. You can also get money for college and many more benefits.
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Great Job Experiences and Professional Development

Working for the United States Army provided me with more opportunities to work around the globe and across the US than most companies out there. I worked with many cross functional professionals from various backgrounds. The benefits are second to none and the Army tries it's best to provide a work life / balance to most Soldiers. The experience will vary by assignment and bosses, however, I would do it all again if I had another chance to.
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Great Starting point for many and helpful all through life.

Not having many options out of High School, I opted for this opportunity. I learned a trade and traveled to some great places. After my time was up, the benefits followed and continue to help me today.


Quality of Life, Stability


Extended Solo Travel
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Job security and benefits are great

the security of the job and possible advancement makes the future good. best part is the movement to different locations in different areas of the world
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Proud to serve my country

This is a job that you can be proud of. It's not an easy job but is essential and you can know that you made a difference. If you are considering joining, I would recommend that you talk to multiple recruiters, unfortunately not all of them take their job seriously.
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Great service

I’m glad I got to serve and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I would advise you all to join. Do it for your family and for your future. Great benefits as well.
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No personal time. Work every day of the week

No time off, work 6 days a week. Work days start at 0630- 5pm the earliest getting off. If you have a family they don’t care. You’re not allowed to take your leave whenever you want to.
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Sehr guter Arbeitgeber,sicherer Arbeitsplatz bei bester Bezahlung

Für Menschen,die diesen militärischen Drill und die Hierarchie des amerikanischen Militärs mögen,ist dieser Job bestens geeignet,allerdings sehr stressig,Gute Nerven erforderlich,am besten,wenn man das kann,so gut wie nur unter höchstens 15 Krankheitstage pro Jahr!


Sehr gute Bezahlung, sicherer Arbeitsplatz


Absolut nicht geeignet für Menschen, die sich nicht unterordnen wollen
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Rewarding this job is not for the faint hearted. Most likely you will see combat on the plus side you learn a skill and make great friends. Can be scary and there’s some mean people. Bonus if you can go to college after you get out.




Very hard at times
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I experienced alot but it came at a cost.

I experienced alot but it came at a cost. I was lucky and got stationed in Germany. Being able to travel to New places is one of the most rewarding things in life. The job can be difficult and war takes its toll.
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low pay but good sense of purpose and life skills

the army is a great place for people that feel stuck in a live of no meaning. it will give you a sense of purpose as well as many life skills not found anywhere else.


free food/housing


family sepperation
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