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Very productive and active job

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Had several task dealing with heavy boxes and having to put them in the right conveyor belt. The management was very hard working and pushed workers to get the job done an are very optimistic.
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Fast paced work

In my experience as an unloader and sorter, its fun fast paced for about 4-5 hours each day. Constantly moving, but definitely the right place to build a career. Its almost like you get paid to workout 5 days a week
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No benifits

I enjoyed the employees I worded with ,but no benifits,no raises,I love the work we was to do 500 a hour I processed 1200 to 1400 a hour, I also loved working with computer and my boss thank you


Great people to work with


No benifits
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great job if you enjoy lifting heavy objects

Pretty hard job in physical terms. I worked the night shift so i got in around 12 and left like 6 in the morning. The job pretty much consist of unloading packages off of a semi truck onto a conveyor belt and larger objects in a location off to the side. And loading is just taking packages off of a conveyor belt and packing them in a organized matter.


lost weight while working there


pay, physical labor, short breaks
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worst job ever

the salary is peanuts they made you lift 30 to 50 kg boxes thousands of time ,i mean two full trailers ,supervisor shout at you to hurry up. i quit in my second day
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Routine work with good pay

Hard work with flexible hours. A good team building environment with friendly co-workers. Moving up the ranks a possibility. Physical work that is tough on the body overtime.




hard physical work
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Ok workplace. You are mostly busy there.

Worked there for two months before i got the job at deca. But it was always busy, so time flew by. Wasn't there for too long to have a real good opinion on them


Busy work


Hot warehouse no a/c
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A means to an end.

The package handler position at UPS was for me a means to an end. The pay was appropriate for the work. However, climbing the company ladder from this position probably will not happen.
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