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Urban Sports Club
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Über uns
Urban Sports Club (USC) is the most flexible and diverse sports offer with over 50 types of sports and over 7000 partner venues in 6 countries across Europe. Whether you want to build your yoga practice in your hometown, get a taste of the mountain air in an Italian bouldering hall, attend a ballet course in the French capital, or surf the Atlantic, – mehr... it’s all within reach!

Headquartered in Berlin and with 8 additional European offices, the team at Urban Sports Club is made up of 400+ dynamic and open-minded employees dedicated to our mission: to inspire millions of people to lead an active and healthy life. To do so, we support one another, we push one another, and we help each other grow. We are each others’ coach and cheerleader.

With a focus on wellness, we also live by our motto, “WorkOUT Life Balance.” We give our best while we’re in the office, and we know when it’s time to leave the field and recharge. Apply to join the team and help us continue to grow Europe’s largest sports community.

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Basierend auf 6 Vorstellungsgesprächen
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