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ich habe gelernt mit Menschen gut umzugehen und Geduld zu behalten


Mitarbeiter Rabatte


Lange Arbeitszeiten
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Empresa maravilhosa uma verdadeira escola .

Essa empresa ,mudou minha vida Hoje tenho um cargo de gerência graças a tudo que apreendi no Walmart ,sou grata ...E se tivesse oportunidade de voltar a trabalhar na empresa voltaria com muito prazer .
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It is a hit or miss, really depends on your leaders.

If Walmart would uphold higher standards on management, who in turn could lead by example than in turn inspire those who work under them it would be a much better place to work. I have had superb leadership in both of the Walmarts I have worked in. They made me feel welcome and I enjoyed working every day, it wasn't a chore you weren't belittled for not doing something on time even when it would be a feat they themselves could not achieve. It has just a hodgepodge of problems that don't need to be problems if you just got up and did it, again if you get a good manager more than likely if you can do your job you should be more than fine doing whatever it is in this company and not want to tear your hair out. If you don't get a manager that is worth something I'd recommend finding something new sooner as opposed to later, it isn't worth the headache and plenty of places are hiring.


Some excellent people you can meet, hey hour lunch


bad leaders more times than not, part timers get run around
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the managers have no clue at how to run a company they all need to be trained especially HR they are clueless and never around nor are there any other mangers.they dont give u the time of day.




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People are rude and think they above you

Decent, offers great benefits. Flexible with hours you work . Pays well unlike other companies, but the stuff are rude, no customer service skills and treat their coworker like trash
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Management does not give you support

I believe that if management was changed at this location the representation of the company would improve .....I received no help during the busiest season


No support
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You can definitely make it your life long career

Some others do get jealous if you get a promotion & they don't. They're is really no point to there is room for growth for everyone! It just takes dedication!


Fast promotions


Co-workers even other managers get jealous or threaten of their jobs.
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As a stocker you have to stock 270 units an hour regardless if the freight is small, the sorting machine goes down, or the isles are filled.with product and u have to go looking around an item which cuts into your gap time.


Pay is pretty decent


Breaks are super short
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It was fun at times n other days

This job was great at times but other days they can really get you to ur breaking point and your Coworker comes and try n talk with you to see if they can come you down
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They're a good company they walk Hard take care of business of what they got to do as well as me I'm a hard worker I do what I got to do everyday to put money in my pocket
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I like my job there

I like to work there again to help people's with things they need I like working my co worker. And my boss to hope I get the job I am a hard worker
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Horrible job I would never work there again

Horrible job never work there I had to stock selves but they didn’t pay enough for what we had to do and also managers did not care about you at all and everyone was rude
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Walmart have good benifits and pays alot more than restaurant , casinos or other retail stores in terms of entry level

I had a wonderful experience working at walmart. I started as a sales associate until I became an hourly manager! Co workers are shares their good or bad experiences with each other. Working at Wal-Mart is like working with family. 7th st Wal-Mart have very good management. This store always gives their best to do what they can to give excellent service. I can say it is the customers who tears the workers apart because some of them are rude and disrespectful, it's them who tear workers apart. Not management.


Benifits and good starting minimum pay


Load of work
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really bad management. won't work with you about anything. they are always ready to fire you no matter what. always walking on glass.

would not recommend walmart to anyone. they have really bad management. even thou you are hurt they still won't work with you. if you are sick they don't care and won't accept a doctors note. if you get sick you will get fired.
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Fast-paced, professional work environment

The day as a customer service manager is filled with fast-paced decisions and directing associates to various tasks while continuously working on staff morale and effectiveness. As the front-end supervisor, the flow and productivity rely on my decision-making and persona that I carry when helping customers and associates.
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Muy bueno es un trabajo muy laboral y muy buen servicio me encanta trabajar para esta compañia
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Be customer service friendly

Complete all tasks thoroughly,pay attention to customers wants,if one does not know how to do a task consult a manager.Service with a smile or a pleasant demeanor.
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I worked at Walmart as cashier and customer services at least 2 years and I understand my job.

Fast pace, friendly and hard working. Working with cashier if need Clean environment Customers Satisfied Complete tasks Following construction Help others Willing to learn
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Productive workplace with a good system

Advancement was easy and the management was always willing to help employees. The workplace flowed well and the workload was always manageable. Often Given random hours
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Its an OK company

The company is more worried about the money and not employees that they hire to make the money. Management is not the top of the line, and extremely heartless.
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ambiente de trabajo

Es buena la relacion que se genera entre los compañeros de trabajo
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