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Professional and respectful workplace environment

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A classy organization that lives up to its culture and promises. Advancement and development available to most everyone who is willing to put I the time effort and passion to grow.
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Productive, High energy, Fun place to work!

Working for Wyndham changed my life I will always be grateful for the opportunity I was given to be apart of a winning culture and such amazing company!
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The unreliable expecting reliability

Overall, it wasn't the worst job but it definitely could have been better. Doing the minimum is acceptable to them but if you start to do more than that, you get criticism or complaints for not continuing to do extra.
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Very rewarding job and You can make a lot of $$

Wyndham is the largest in the vacation ownership and not the cheapest … customers know this but are okay with it because of the history of the company and because of the awesome travel programs they have to offer … they have vacation plans for almost any budget… unless your budget is broke.
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This place could be so good to work for. However, they don't train. I have never worked a job where you had to beg to be trained. You have no choice.
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Very Good and Strong management team

It's not a bad place at all to work. There are some things that could be better but I'm confident management is aware and will make the right adjustments
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Working remotely is fantastic but repetitive work

Room for advancement, work from home, but no flexibility in schedule/shift. Yearly raises if performance allows, always help when you need it. Great benefits
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Stable work

Overall I feel stable. The only downside are the consequences when you call out. Its also very hard to get days off as other agents have days scheduled for vacation since they may have a timeshare with Wyndham.
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Work ethics

The work is manageable, but there are some people who would bring you down with small reasons. The managers are very understanding and cooperative. They will definitely bring out the best in you and encourage you.
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Acute details

You need to be on point when you write up any thing there is no room for errors. And don't expect them to allow you to fix it when they come up. So be on point. Make little mistakes and you'll be fine.
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Great company

You start with 3 weeks of paid training. Then you get a supervisor and you have to work hard to make a sale.You start from 0 every month. So no matter how many sales you made last month you are nothing if you dont make a certain amount of sales. Very stressful.
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Good coworkers but very salesy

I enjoyed working in the marketing department and overall the experience was good at the beginning. Coworkers were great, a lot of interaction with travelers, going to events, etc.However, after a while, I became very unmotivated as the job is very salesy and at times feels slightly unethical. We were selling timeshare. I am sure I was not the only one who felt that way as they had an insane turnover for employees.
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Good place to get experience

Overall enjoy my time being here. Would recommend to someone wanting to get into a sales career. Commission based so be prepared to work for your money.
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Culture and Money

You won't make money like this anywhere else in San Antonio. It's not for everyone, however, if you can handle rejection you'll be successful. Leads are provided. They do a good job of hiring people that fit the fun work culture and management actually cares about you.
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The team is nice and close but there is a lot of personal drama

Management has been told about multiple violations and still continue to put the issue off.. I and two other employees have been forced out of the company because of the pact going on at this work place
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Had a tight knit, professional atmosphere

Work was good, but suffered from management confusion and lack of direction. Manager was very nice, but never gave sound or complete instructions on assigned tasks
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Great business that creates success

Amazing company however the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. If you can keep from getting roped into the drama and keep your head down and focus you can be successful consistently.


Income potential


Allows employees to get away with anything and everything
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Wide scope of tasks sometimes not related to your job description but friendly environment.

What I love about Wyndham is the staffs are very friendly and even some of the employees, they give free food when there's special events and no work in major holidays and weekends off. What I didn't like is that your job position is just a description, meaning you're expected to be flexible, you can be a sales person, customer service, collector etc. You are expected to memorize all the hotels and places in their country and minimum training on the product itself. In the middle of the day you have to be in a meeting with them and submit reports before end of the day. I even doubted my own ability in this company cause I can't stuck all information they are giving from one mentor to another. This might be the cons of working in a non BPO company you are expected to be an all around employee.


Morning shift, Weekends off, No work if there's major holiday(Christmas, New Year etc.), friendly staffs


Wide scope of tasks that are not related to your job position, too much workload, 8hours shift feels like a month in the office cause of too much workload
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Bad boss with decent people

When I first started I was good and got recognized for it but when management changed everything went down hill fast the new boss was rude and multiple people left because of him the breaks were good and they were lenient
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Disorganized mess

There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. This company is management heavy and behind in the times. It’s all about friends and not work products or work ethic. So many people who used to be viewed as integral were laid off or fired as non-essential. Also this company does not value the people in the back office who really keep it going. It is just all sales oriented
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Fun and interesting place to work in.

Learned a lot at this company. Compensation is fair and company engages employees to ensure they feel appreciated. Downside is that advancement is hard.
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