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Teil einer starken Mannschaft sein, die jeden Tag tausende Kunden glücklich macht. Weil wir alles dafür tun, Bestellungen kontinuierlich schneller und besser rauszubringen. Woche für Woche stolz darauf sein, was du und deine Kollegen bewegt haben. Wenn nötig, zusammen Vollgas geben, um ins Ziel zu kommen. Wissen, dass man langfristig auf dich zählt. Willkommen in der Welt unserer Logistikzentren!



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Zalando ist Europas führende Online-Fashion-Plattform. Seit 2008 bieten wir unseren Kunden ein umfassendes Einkaufserlebnis aus einer Hand. Wir verbinden heute Kunden, Marken und Partner in 15 Ländern und blicken auf ein Sortiment von fast 2.000 internationalen Marken, darunter beliebte globale Marken, Fast Fashion und lokale Marken,
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  • Meet Baran. "My team, Team Cherry, is building real-time business monitoring solutions with anomaly detection capabilities to enable timely troubleshooting for business processes across the organization. This helps in keeping #business operations running smoothly on a daily basis, while at a macro level contributing to both team and corporate-level KPIs. Opening up new ideas to the engineers in my team and watch them come up with #innovative suggestions is the most fun part of coming to work for me - the level of engagement from the #engineers of my team is inspiring. Oh and I love the free fresh fruits!" #peopleofzalando #insidezalando
  • Blue sky, #rooftop, party: This is midsommar #insidezalando, this is #berlin.
  • Meet Leonardo. “I grew up in a small hidden town in the Italian Alps and then decided to settle down in Berlin. I stumbled upon a job ad for #Creative #Technologist at Zalando's The Studio. Here I found I would get the best from both worlds, a small #startup and a big company. I'm usually the person responsible for #prototyping tasks in our projects, but in reality all of us are 100% involved in all phases of the #design process. When there’s time to step out of the office to do some field #research or prototyping my work feels a little like play. It helps to kill the routine and forces you into situations to make the most out of it. It’s definitely a feeling of play, but more like ‘playing a game’, where you put all your energy into achieving your objective. If my team were a TV series, The Studio would be a sitcom - with the same loveable characters tackling different problems. Everyday is different and we work on different projects almost on a monthly basis, but the office space feels like home because you are surrounded by faces who you know well.” @zalandodesign #peopleofzalando #insidezalando
  • Meet Paula. “I’ll spend my summer as an intern in Zalando’s Strategy Department after having completed my first year of the Harvard Business School MBA program. I landed in #Berlin three weeks ago and directly started working as a member of the team without much time to settle down in the city. Our department reports directly to the #Management Board and works on projects that will steer the future of the company. For now, I’m involved in developing a strategic foresighting tool and in the company’s #omnichannel #strategy. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and I already feel integrated into the team dynamics. I appreciate the company’s open-communication office structure, which fosters transparent dialogue and efficient decision making. My goal for this internship is to get out of my comfort zone and find out: Can I thrive in an unstructured, fairly chaotic environment? Is #fashion the industry where I want to spend the next 30 years of my professional career? Can I easily adapt to a different culture in a professional context?" @harvardhbs #peopleofzalando #insidezalando
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